Are you ready to take on Newport's fastest race track? Visit SUPAKART. For over 20 years, racers from across Newport, Cardiff and Bristol have been coming to us for thrilling races and a bigger go karting challenge. With an exciting and exhilarating track filled with unexpected turns, twists, bridges and obstacles, no two laps are ever the same. Visit us to get your blood pumping!
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a new karting experience

At SUPAKART, we've created a one of a kind experience. Our track is unusually wide, allowing room for you to overtake and really race your competitors. With an outdoor section and an unrelenting sequence of challenging twists and turns, we’ve taken go karting to the next level. Hit speeds of up to 45mph and weave your way through a variety of obstacles. Are you up for the challenge? 
Two layer track with tunnel
  A mix of hairpin TURNS
Banked figure of 8
lower level tarmac track
 450ft bridge with cross over - the largest in Europe!
  Outdoor section for added adventure
Average lap time of over 35 seconds - challenging and fun
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track changes for a new challenge

We know that it can be a little dull racing around the same track repeatedly. That’s why we change our track direction periodically to enhance your racing experience and give you a new and exciting challenge. Forget all the tricks you may have memorised - the track has now been flipped! 
Bored of racing on the same track? Get the adrenaline rush you want. 
 Call 01633 280 808. 
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